About Us

In 1728, at age 22, Benjamin Franklin created a partnership with Hugh Meredith to open his first printing shop. Using only his skills as a printer for collateral, Franklin secured a loan and imported a printing press from London. Printing was a very labor intensive trade at the time, but Franklin was industrious and worked late into the nights. He knew that if he put out higher quality content than his competitors the market would decide whether he should succeed or fail. He saw the printing press as a device to instruct colonial Americans and be useful to his community. Within a few short years, the market had decided, and Franklin became one of the most prolific thought leaders of his time.

It is around this same principle of spreading useful ideas that we founded Pixel Press. The Pixel Press is a San Francisco-based content agency dedicated to creating useful content for today’s most forward-thinking companies. While publishing has certainly become easier since Franklin’s time, earning attention has become increasingly more difficult. Only the best content earns shares, likes, and leads. As a result, we focus on creating only content that feels genuine and brings value to customers’ lives. We thrive on marketing the way we would like to be marketed to, through new approaches, great content, and a trustworthy relationship. 


We are a fully distributed team and as such we hire the best talent from around the world. Our team consists of the leading:
  • Content Marketing Managers
  • Digital Marketing Managers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Copy Writers
We believe that content marketing is about giving more than you receive. Work with us today and see first-hand how much real value and real business we can give to your company.
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